Laurence Vincent Lapointe

"I will compete as long as it takes to promote women in canoe."

Name:  Laurence Vincent Lapointe

Date of Birth:   Mai 27 1992

Hometown:  Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada

Sport:  Sprint canoeing


How many years training in canoe? 

7 years


How many days/week do you train in canoe? 

6 days a week


Do you cross-train?

Yes, I do swimming, running, weights, cross-country skying, etc.


Who is your closest rival? 

I would say my partner Mallorie Nicholson


Do you have a coach and/or a training group?

Yes, I train at the “Club de canoë kayak de Trois-Rivières” with all the people from my club and our coach is Mathieu Pelletier.


Do you coach /mentor others?

I will coach this summer at my club and I help the canoe girls everytimes I can.


Prior year accomplishments: 

2010 Senior World Champion (two gold medals)

2010 – Gold Medals World Cup #2 and #3

2011 Senior World Champion (two Gold Medals)

2011 – Gold Medals World Cup #2 and #3


Goals for next season:

Get better and win everything I can win


What is your message to the world regarding women in canoe? 

We are coming!!


Who is your role model? 

I have a lot of respect for all the great paddlers and for all the people who encourage our sport. But at first, it was my partner, Mallorie Nicholson.


What is your favorite music?

Almost everything beside real country music.


How many years do you see yourself competing in canoe?

As long as I can and as it takes to promote the women in canoe.