Vanesa Tot

Photo of Vanesa Tot

Date of Birth:

Monday July 12th, 1999


Slavonski Brod, Croatia



Accomplishments (in paddling or in life):

I am 8years in a row national champion in K1 and I am first women in canoe from Croatia.

2015-World championship (Milano)-9th in C final on 200m (my first race in canoe),

         Junior and U23 European championship (Bascov)-9th in A final on 500m

         Olympic hopes (Poland)-6th on 1000m,500m and 200m

2016-Junior and U23 world championship (Minsk)-2th in B final on 200m,3th in B final 500m

       -Junior and U23 European championship (Plovdiv)-5th in A final on 200m and 500m

       -Olympic hopes (Szeged)-SILVER on 1000m,BRONZE on 500m and 4th on 200m

       -Internacional regatta Auronzzo- GOLD on 1000m,500m and 200m

2017-Internacional regatta Mantova-GOLD on 200m and 500m for juniors,BRONZE on 500m and 4th

         200m for seniors

       -Junior and U23 European (Belgrade)-BRONZE on 500m and 8th on 200m

       -Junior and U23 Worlds (Baschov)-7th in B final on 500m and 4th in B final on 200m

2018- Women canoe cup Szeged- C1 200m A final 9th
       - World cup Szeged- C1 200m C final 5th, C1 500m 6th

      - European senior championships- C1 500m 9th in A final 

      -European u23 championships- C1 200m 9th, final on 500m

      -European marathon champ.- C1 senior women SILVER MEDAL 

      -World u23 championships- C1 200m 7th in B final

     - World senior champ.- C1 5000m 9th

How many years have you been training and racing in canoe?

4 Years

How many days per week do you train?

6 Days a Week

Do you have a coach and a training group?

Coach:Igor Krajina Group:sometimes I do training with womens kayak and mens canoe

Do you cross-train? (example, running, weightlifting, other sports, yoga, etc.)

I do only running and gym

Do you coach or mentor others?

Yes, I do. I paddle C2 or K2 with new kids in my club

Who is your closest rival?


What Are Your Goals for This Year?

Take medal on European.- I took bronze and silver.

Be in top5 on World championship.

Beat myself and make new records.

Go under 50seconds on 200m. new croatian best-49,901

What Are Your Future Goals?

I want go to Olympic games and take medal on World championships.