Jessica Fox Leads Australian Trifecta in Australian Open

Posted On: February 9th, 2016

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C1W Final Head to Head

C1 Women Final with Jessica Fox and Rosalyn Lawrence head to head!

Posted by Team Australia - Sprint/Slalom on Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Australian Open 2016

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Posted by Planet Canoe on Monday, February 8, 2016

It was an Aussie Showcase at the 2016 Australian Open - with Australians taking the top 4 spots in the Women's C1 (singles canoe) Final.

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Jessica Fox dominated the field winning the heat, semi and final.  Rosalyn Lawrence put down strong runs to take silver. Alison Borrows rose through the ranks in each race to snatch bronze.  See all results here.  Fox, the London 2012 silver medalist for Women's Slalom K1 (singles kayak) was also Australia's top K1 finisher, so sits in the top spot for Rio 2016 Qualification.  Women's Canoe remains excluded once again from the 2016 Olympic Program.

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See more news from Australian Canoeing. Since winning her first C1 World Championship in 2013, the margins have become a lot tighter and Fox had to produce a fast run to beat the time set by Lawrence.  “The racing is much more competitive now and Ros has always been one of the best in the C1 event and now there are a few young girls coming through as well and some internationals as well, so I knew I had to pull out my best paddling to take that win,” Fox said.

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