ICF’s 2020 Women’s Canoe Proposal Lacks a Strategy and Transparency / Women’s Canoe = Ready for Rio

A proposal from the International Canoe Federation (ICF) to include two women’s canoe single events in the 2020 Olympics has left Australian Canoe Slalom World Champion Jessica Fox “unimpressed.”   She was angered by the November 15, 2013 ICF news release claiming its 2020 decision should “certainly please” her. The release included a photograph of Fox (in […]

Olympic Paddler Says ICF’s “No Changes for Rio 2016” A Step Back for Women & Sport

SPORTSCENE received the article below from an athlete who wishes to remain anonymous.   WomenCAN International applauds this athlete for speaking out and respects their wish to remain anonymous.  We also commend Sportscene for continuing to be a trusted source for the paddling community. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I have chosen to write this article on an anonymous basis. […]

Richard Fox Slams ICF Over Delaying Inclusion of Women’s Canoe until Tokyo 2020

Women’s Canoe = #READY4RIO2016!  Richard Fox “… high level female athletes continue to be significantly restricted in their access to canoeing events in the Olympic Games relative to men and will have to wait another seven years to see any change. “…we cannot ignore the potential effects of continued gender discrimination throughout this Olympic cycle […]

OLYMPIC ALERT: Women’s Canoe Events Proposed for Tokyo 2020

International Canoe Federation (ICF) announces they will propose C1 (singles canoe) Women’s Canoe Events for Tokyo 2020 Olympics – for the Sprint and Slalom disciplines.   #equalympics  #womenscanoe       https://www.change.org/petitions/lift-the-ban-on-women-s-canoeing-at-the-olympics-for-rio-2016. Current Olympic Program has: Sprint: 5 Men’s Kayak, 4 Women’s Kayak, 3 Men’s Canoe, 0 Women’s Canoe Slalom: 1 Men’s Kayak, 1 Women’s […]

2013 Play the Game Conference – Stepping Up for Democracy in Sport

WomenCAN International participated in the 8th Annual Play the Game Conference in Aarhus, Denmark, October 28-31, 2013. Approximately 350 journalists, scientists and sport officials from 38 countries joined this world communication forum for discussion and debate on sport and society.  The conference title was ‘Stepping Up for Democracy in Sport’. This was a new audience for […]