REQUEST FOR DOCUMENTS FROM International Canoe Federation — Severely Lacking in Gender Equality, Universality and Good Governance

**This is a request for the ICF to make decisions, processes, voting records, etc. available for the public and to reconsider several 2015 decisions.** In our November 17, 2014 blog post we presented data reflecting the male dominated European culture of the International Canoe Federation (ICF). The data show a nearly all male Board, an […]

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UPDATE: International Canoe Federation Board 90% Male / Executive Committee and Committee Chairs 100% Male

ISSUE:  90 years and counting – the International Canoe Federation (ICF) remains almost exclusively a male-only club, with European men dominating key leadership positions. This is their commitment to gender equality and universality? From the ICF website:   “….in 1996, the IOC [International Olympic Committee] adopted a policy that ‘the International Federations should immediately establish […]