Staniliya Stamenova

Name:  Staniliya Stamenova


Date of Birth: 02.06.1988.


Hometown, Current place of residence and Country:  Sofia, Bulgaria


Sport/Discipline:   Sprint Canoe


Do you train and/or race in team boats?   No


How many years training in canoe? 2 years


How many days/week do you train in canoe? 7 days


How many hours a week do you train, total?    17-20 hours in boat, 20 running and gym.


Do you have a coach and/or a training group?   No, I do not have a coach, like the men do.


Do you use any mental training or visualization for high performance?   Before canoe I was an athlete, and I know what I need to do to make success. I use the same method from preparation for 400 meters (in track) and look for equipment or technical advice from videos on


Do you do any other physical activity besides canoeing? Yes, running, gymnastics, fitness, biking, and skiing


Do you coach or mentor other canoeists? No, not at this time.


Who is your closest rival? Me


Accomplishments to date:  


Silver medal – World Cup C1 200; Silver medal – European Championships C1 200;  Bronze medal – World Championships C1 200


Bronze medal – World Cup C1 200;  Gold medal – 2012 European Championships C1 200


Goals for 2012 and beyond: I am finished with this season,  but for nex year I want to win the World championships C1 200 meter event with a time under 48 seconds, without wind.


Who is your role model?  Ivan Shtyl


What is your favorite music? Hause, Bulgarian music


How many years do you plan to compete in canoe? I want to race in an Olympic Games.


What is your message to the world regarding women’s canoe?    This is a very nice outdoor sport, which builds both your body and mind, free from domestic problems.  Train canoe to stay healthy.